About iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd

iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd is one of the leading companies in motion & control technology industrial. Our headquarter is situated in Penang, Malaysia. We are providing motion solutions, motion devices & electrical control components to factory automation, manufacturing plant & industrial automation sector.

With a focus on automation solutions that help our customers meet productivity objectives, iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd brings together leading brands in industrial automation such as Kollmorgen, Golytec, Apex Dynamics, Adlink, Sanyo Denki, Unipulse, Gmt, Delta Electronics, Schneider Electric, IEC Motion, Proface & etc.

Partnering with these manufacturers, iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd manages to maintain its reputation in providing quality, reliable, innovative products, and services.

iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
Quality Control
Guaranteeing product excellence and compliance with industry standards.
iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
Professional automation solutions indicate industry-leading expertise and proficiency in developing, implementing, and maintaining cutting-edge automation systems for businesses.
iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
Friendly Staff
Approachable and helpful professionals who assist clients with a welcoming attitude, ensuring a positive and collaborative experience.
iMS Motionet Sdn Bhd
Best Price
Delivers high-quality results, offering exceptional value for your investment.