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PFA Force Indicator Unipulse
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Product outline

PFA is an all-purpose type controller that can perform motor control & OK/NOK judgement at the same time!
Sequence can be setup with easy touch panel operation while changing test condition.
Various judgement functions such as waveform judgement by 2 dimensions including “Force vs. Displacement” or “Torque vs. Angle” are mounted, which manages tests inclusively.
Can be cooperated with external peripheral devices & can perform continuous tests independently, thus can construct testing device, pressing machine & screw tightening device etc. without PLC.
Enables high speed press without overshooting.


PFA monitors press process by waveform
DO NOT miss NOK workpieces
Servo motor controller is equipped. Even beginner of motor control can create simple sequence by using touch panel setup.


OK/ NOK judgement with 2 sensor inputs

Two-dimensional OK/NOK judgement can be performed with force (Y axis) and time/ displacement (X axis)

Comparison & hold function from waveform display

Reputable judgement algorithm of F381A and FS2000 is programmed.

⊆Waveform comparison judgment
The function compares the actual measurement waveform against the setup High/Low limit waveforms.
It will give out an NOK judgement when any of the point exceeded the present High/Low limit waveforms.

⊆Multi-point judgment
OK/NOK judgement can be performed on multi points in one process. (e.g. The start point and end point of press fitting can be judged respectively.) (Max. 5 points)

Easy for communication with a host

Results and waveforms can be uploaded to host over the network.
Also, judgement switching and monitoring can be done remotely from the host.
Measurement data and set values can be recorded into SD card.

Preventive maintenance with trend display

Can detect abnormalities quickly & prevent malfunction by using trend display to monitor changes of zero point, hold values, etc.
Using master as reference, you can see directly the difference by comparing to a commissioned machine.

Motor control function

Motor control uses versatile pulse input/output.
Compatible with various motors.

Templates are available for frequently used sequence.
Press behavior can be decided by inputting speed, position, and other parameters.

Screw tightening management template compliant to torque method & turning angle method is also available.
Can be used as controllers for tension & compression test machines, bending testing machine & endurance test machine as well.





Sensor input
Fixed as strain gauge input(6-wire)
Excitation voltage DC2.5, 5, 10V±10%(depending on settings)
Output current: Within 30mA
Signal input range -2.0mV/V to +2.0mV/V
Accuracy Non-linearity: Within 0.02%/FS ±1 digit (at 2.0mV/V input)
Zero drift: Within 0.2μV/→ RTI
Gain drift: Within 15ppm/→
Low-pass filter Selectable from 2 to 2kHz(-6dB/oct.)
A/D converter Speed: 5000 times/sec.
Resolution: 24bit (binary)
Voltage input
Signal input range -10 to +10V
Input impedance App. 1MΩ or more
Accuracy Non-linearity:Within 0.02%/FS ±1 digit (at 10V input)
Zero drift:Within 0.2mV/→ RTI
Gain drift:Within 0.01%/→
Low-pass filter Selectable from 2 to 2kHz(-6dB/oct.)
A/D converter Speed: 5000 times/sec
Resolution:24bit Effective
Sensor input Sensor input for displacement
Pulse input (Line driver)
Max. input frequency 1MHz
Internal count range 30bit
Adaptable rotary encoder Output: Incremental type 2-phase output (A/B signal output)
Output stage circuit specification:Line driver (based on RS-422A)
Analog voltage output
Output level Approx. 2V per 1.0mV/V input
Load resistance 2kΩ or more
Display section
Display 10.4 inch TFT color LCD module
Display section Display area: 211(W)×158(H)mm
Dot configuration: 640×480 dot
Language:Japanese, English, Chinese
Display 7.0 inch TFT color LCD module
Display section Display area: 152(W)×91(H)mm
Dot configuration: 800×480 dot
Language:Japanese, English, Chinese
COMP. & JUDGE. function
Multi point comparison mode
(setting values can be stored)
Capable of judging up to 5 hold points at the same time.
Sample, Peak, Bottom, P-P, Relative Maximum, Relative Minimum, Inflection Point, Average, End
Waveform comparison mode
(setting values can be stored)
Compares the actually measured waveform against the preset Hi/Lo waveforms.
The overall measured waveform will be compared against the preset Hi/Lo and if any of its points exceeds the preset waveform, then the measured waveform will be NOK.
Preventive maintenance support
Trend display Trend analysis of measured data & detect irregularities at early stage.
Statistics Takes judgement results of latest data (10,000)
Displays measurement count, OK/NOK ratio
Screen capture Saves screen capture data as bmp data.
Editable work name Work name can be edited and displayed for each Work No..
Setting list display Distinguish master setting & current setting with color.
User management Register multiple login IDs and password
External signal
Output signal
16 points
Hold judgement (force, stroke)/ Force overload/ Measurement complete/ Waveform comparison/ Force・stroke OK/ CPU OK/ SD card OK/ Timing output 1,2/ Servo ready/ Motor alarm/ In position/ Brake off/ Torque limit/ Zero speed/ General-purpose output/ Sequence in progress/ Return origin complete/ POT(Forward rotation lock)/ NOT(Reverse rotation lock)
*Selectable from the above
Output type: select PNP or NPN (Need to specify)
Rated voltage: 30V, Rated current: 30mA
Input signal
16 points
Force zero/ Stroke adjust/ Measurement start/ Measurement stop/ HOLD 1 to 5/ Reset/ Backlight forced ON/ Touch panel lock/ Work selection/ Servo on/Start sequence/Stop sequence/Pulse clear/Alarm clear/ Forward rotation lock/Reverse rotation lock/General-purpose input/ Home position detect/Return to home position/Home position/ JOG+/ JOG-/ STEP+/ STEP-
*Selectable from the above
Input type: select PNP or NPN (Need to specify)
Motor control
Compatible servo amplifier Require pulse input.
Sequence function Configurable press-sequence in PFA
Switchable control modes in sequence
Control program 256 presets
(Setting values can be stored)
Up to 100 lines can be registered into 1 control program
PFA <=> Servo amplifier connection Pulse for position control (Line driver) (based on RS-422A)
Max 500k Pulse/sec
Digital I/O: Control usage
Command Motor operation:Position control / Force control/ Stand-by/ keep
Control character:Blank/ Jump/ If/ Watch/ Out put/ Judge/ Timer/ Counter
Graph:Graph color display/ Delete graph
Record:Start measurement/ Stop measurement/ Start hold/ Stop hold
Motor parameter:Speed/ Position gain/ Force gain
Row:Insert above/ Insert below/ Delete row
Digital offset:X/Y
External devices
Barcode Reader(USB) Scan items
SD Card Measured data・waveform can be saved (CSV)
Only one option can be installed.
USB USB interface
ETN Ethernet interface (option)
ODN DeviceNet interface (option)
CCL CC-Link interface (option)
EIP EtherNet/IP interface (option)
General performance
Power supply voltage DC24V(±15%)
Power consumption 20W typ.
Operation condition Operation temperature: -10→ to +40→/ Storage tempe
rature: -20→ to +60→
Humidity: 85% RH or less (non-condensing)
Dimensions PFA10: 299(W)x 218(H)x 88(D) mm (Projections excluded)
PFA7: 218(W)x 140(H)x 87(D) mm (Projections excluded)
Weight PFA10: Approx. 2.5kg PFA7: Approx. 1.8kg
CE marking certification EMC Directives EN61326-1
Analog connector 1
SD card 16GByte 1
Operation manual 1
DeviceNet connector (when DeviceNet option is selected)) 1
CC-Link connector (when CC-Link option is selected) 1


ODN DeviceNet interface
CCL CC-Link interface
EIP EtherNet/IP interface
ETN Ethernet interface

Optional accessories

SD16G SD card 16GByte
SD32G SD card 32GByte
PFA-ST Supporting stand (VESA 100/75 compliant)
PAF-CONV-PAN Dedicated terminal block
PFA-CONV-MIT Dedicated terminal block
PFA-CONV-YAS Dedicated terminal block
PFA-CONV-TAM Dedicated terminal block
PFA-CONV-SIE Dedicated terminal block
CA10-USB USB Cable( A-microB type) 1.2m
CAPF-I/O-S1M 36p 1m cable with bare wires
CAPF-I/O-S3M 36p 3m cable with bare wires
CAPF-SER-S1M 50p 1m cable with bare wires
CAPF-SER-S3M 50p 3m cable with bare wires
CAPF-I/O-W1M 36p 1m cable with connector at both ends
CAPF-I/O-W3M 36p 3m cable with connector at both ends
CAPF-SER-W1M 50p 1m cable with connector at both ends
CAPF-SER-W3M 50p 3m cable with connector at both ends
CAPF-CON-W1M 50p 1m cable with connector at both ends
CAPF-CON-W3M 50p 3m cable with connector at both ends
CN71 CC-Link connector
CND01 DeviceNet connector


Structure of product code



Product catalogue(PDF)
PFA catalogue(1 MB)

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