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Unipulse New Load Cell

Introducing UNIPULSE's brand-new load cells!


''UST'': World-thinnest strain gauge type load cell

UST is a ultrathin compression type load cell with its height of 2.3mm.

There is no strain gauge type load cell thinner than this model!

Convenient for retrofitting to existing machines. Moreover, suitable for load distribution measurement with multiple units.


Capacity: 50N, 100N, 200N, 500N / Accuracy: 0.7%

''UCC(HL)'': Environment-tolerant loadcell; usable from -40 to 150℃

UCC(HL) is a compact high-capacity load cell.

Its diameter is almost same as nickel (five-cent coin of US dollar).

Furthermore, usage in high/low temperature environment from -40 to 150℃ is supported.


 Capacity: 10kN, 20kN / Accuracy: 0.5%

''USLC'': Compact yet high-capacity load cell

USLC is a compact high-capacity load cell.

Its diameter is a bit smaller than quarter dollar coin (US dollar).

This is the only load cell with this size that can measure 50kN with the accuracy of 0.3%!


 Capacity: 50kN / Accuracy: 0.3%

''UCPI'': Thin & high accuracy center-hole type load cell


UCPI is tension/compression, thin & center-hole type load cell.

There is a tapped hole cut in the center, and this load cell can be used for both tension & compression measurement.

Ideal for assembling into press machine and compression & tension testing machine due to its low-profile body.

The cable comes with a connector thus is exchangeable.

Supporting 6-wire (remote sensing), UCPI can weigh accurately even if wiring gets long.


 Capacity: 1kN, 2kN, 5kN, 10kN, 20kN / Accuracy: 0.1%

                        50kN / Accuracy: 0.15%


UCPI is capable of measuring axial force between bolt and nut as illustrated below and is ideal for tension measurement of anchor!



''PW27AP'': Hermetically sealed waterproof & hygienic load cell

All stainless steel-made thus corrosion resistant, and hermetically sealed structure. PW27AP is a hygienicsingle-point type load cell that is designed for food production. Clean circular cylinder shape design thus water & dust proof.


 Capacity: 10kg, 20kg / Accuracy: 0.17%


PW27AP can be used as illustrated below.

As packings placed on both side of the load cell prevent invasion of water, this load cell is corrosion resistant.



27 Feb 2022