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Product outline

F490A is a compact, lightweight handheld digital indicator for strain gauge type sensors that allows measurement of load, pressure and torque. The measurement data is recorded in CSV format in its internal memory, and the file can be referred to and copied through USB interface. F490A is equipped with fulfilling functions such as a variety of information displays, four types of hold functions including Peak and Valley, multi-calibration function that enables storing six channels of calibration values and allows them to be selected by a field sensor, and a HO / LO limit comparison function. The operation of AA alkaline batteries provides continuous use for approx. 30 hours*.

* Connectable to 350Ω series sensor while backlight is off.




Analog section
Excitation voltage DC3V±10%, Output current: within 35mA
Signal input range -3.0 to +3.0mV/V
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02%/FS (at 3.0mV/V input)
Zero drift: within 0.3μV/℃ RTI
Gain drift: within 5ppm/℃
A/D converter Speed: 80 times/sec.
Resolution: 24bit (binary), Approx. 1/30000 at 3.0mV/V input
Display section
Display unit 128×64 dot black and white LCD
Measured value 5digits: -99999 to +99999, Sign: Character height: 14mm
Status display Status display1: R(Recording)/ A(AC adapter on use)/ U(USB in connection)/ N(NOV RAM reading)/ B(Backup battery abnormal)
Status display2: HI/ OK/ LO/ PEAK/ BOTTOM/ HOLD
Setting section
Setting items ・ Tare*/ equivalent input calibration/ span calibration/ zero calibration(one-touch zero)/ weight unit setting*/ channel setting/ HI setting/ LO setting/ machine ID setting*/ setting value lock
・ Unit/ digital filter/ MD(period, range)/ ZT(period, range)/ near zero/ digital zero/ minimum scale
・ Data/ buzzer/ backlight/ auto off/ version display/ memory check/ initialization
・ Hold: mode/ range/ start level/ end level/ monitoring time
・ Graph: time axis*/ mode*/ trigger edge*/ trigger level*/ pre-trigger*
・ Operation mode/ HI/LO comparison mode/ measuring mode*/ recording mode*/ real-time output*
* Not usable at simple operation mode
Recording function ・ Record when [REC] is pressed
・ Record when stability is detected
・ Record hold value at hold-release time
・ Interval recording(records data at every fixed interval)
・ Records graph data(records data displayed in graph)
Recording media Internal memory
Recording method Text form of CSV format
Recording data ID, number of recordings, recording data, measured channels, measured values, unit
Number of recording data 20,000 data
Hold section
  ・ Hold Mode: Peak Hold/ valley hold/ peak-to-peak hold/ sample hold
・ Data monitoring range: All ranges/ level/ level+time
Measuring mode
  Load measuring/ counting
Display Year (last two digits), month, day, hour, minute
Accuracy Lunar inequality 1 minute. (ordinary temperature)
  USB interface (Communication standard: Compliant with USB Ver.1.1, Communication speed: Full speed, Class: Mass-storage and virtual COM port, OS: Windows 7/ Windows 10)
・ File operation The F490A is recognized as a drive, which enables file reference and copying.
・ Virtual COM port Set values can be read and written by terminal software.
・ Real-time output Measured data are output in succession on USB.
General performance
Internal power source AA alkaline batteries or nickel metal hydride batteries (4)
External power source Dedicated AC adapter (for 100V AC)
Current consumption When a 120Ω sensor is connected: Approx. 60mA (back light off)
When a 120Ω sensor is connected: Approx. 70mA (back light on)
Backup power source Set values and record data are maintained by the lithium battery (warranty period 5 years or more)
Continuous use time When a 350Ω sensor is connected: Approx. 30 hours (back light off)
When a 120Ω sensor is connected: Approx. 12 hours (back light off)
Operating conditions Temperature: -10℃ to +40℃
Humidity: 80%RH or lower(non-condensing)
Dimensions 86(W)×132(H)×30(D) mm (not including projections)
Weight Approx. 290g (including the battery weight approximately 95g)
Sensor connector  1
AA alkaline battery  4
Operation manual  1

Optional accessories

AP0516 Special AC adapter (for AC100V)
AP0520A Special AC adapter (for free power source)
CA81-USB 1.8m miniUSB-computer USB cable


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