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ECM-D5042 1-4.2A


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This product is a high‐performance micro‐stepping driver.
• Smooth driver By using micro‐stepping, this driver can achieved low‐vibration and low‐noise.
• Built‐in overheat protection A driver’s internal temperature in excess of 70˚C (158˚F) trigger overheat protection, and the driver will stop working automatically.
• Adjustable operating current A digital switch adjusts the level of motor current during operation.
• Bio‐polar drive By using bio‐polar drive, this driver is powerful than uni‐polar driver and only needs four wires connected to the stepping motor.
• Automatic reduce current In the stop state, the driver will reduce the current automatically to limit the heat generated by the motor and driver.

  Min Typical Max
Supply Voltage(VDC) 24 36 50
Output CurrentArms) 1.0 - 4.2
Logical Input Current(mA) 7 10 16
Input Frequency(KHz) 0 - 200
Low-Active Required Time 2.5 - -


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