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ITS Vertical Linear Transfer (GOLYTEC iTS)

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ITS Vertical Linear Transfer (GOLYTEC iTS)

Repeat positioning accuracy ± 0.01mm;

Reflow using synchronous belts to reduce costs;

can flow back horizontally or vertically.

product model: iTS-LTB

▲ Provides two control modes: free control of the mover and integrated control of the station.

▲ can support 255 mover, and can stay and move at any position with high density and compact density.

▲ Can support 200 m direct drive length

▲ The moter can stay in full stroke (including seams) without blind spots

▲ Support station settings for full travel (including seams)

▲ The safety collision avoidance zone between the built-in mover can be set with different safety spacing.

▲ It has the function of static correction teaching of mover deviation and following dynamic error compensation of mover.

▲ Support mixed use and anti-collision protection of motors equipped with different lengths of vehicles

▲ Enter and bind the mover ID of the mover QR code or process barcode.

▲ For multiple stations with the same process, you can set it to a synchronous team station.

▲ You can set a specified mover with different stops.

▲ You can pass any station temporarily.

▲ Supports multiple PLC/IPC to simultaneously control different sections of the entire line or different stations

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