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Product outline

Force in 3 dimensions(X, Y, Z) can be measured at the same time

Safe overload rating of 500%
– the three-axis force sensor with the high sensitivity and rigidity!


Dedicated amplifier FS300

±5V output at the rated capacity for each direction: Fx, Fy, Fz (three axis).
As output signals for each direction is adjusted before shipping out, you can get calibrated(scaled) output by just connecting sensor and DC24V power supply to FS300.



Model Sensor:UPP-100NX3, Amplifier:FS300
Rated capacity Fx, Fy : ±100N、Fz : 100N
Power supply voltage DC24V±15%
Consumption current 150mA or less
Load signal output Fx、Fy、Fz:±5V
Load resistance 2kΩ or more
Response 2kHz
I/O signal Input: Auto zero command
Output: Auto zero response
Safe overload 500%FS
Non-linearity 0.5%FS
Hysteresis 0.5%FS
Repeatability 0.5%FS
Compensated temperature range 0 to +40℃
Safe temperature range -10 to +50℃
Temperature effect on zero 0.5%FS/℃
Temperature effect on span 0.05%FS/℃
Sensor material Aluminum alloy
Weight Sensor:Approx. 70g、
Amplifier:Approx. 180g
(Excluding the cable)
Cable 8 conductor flexible cable 1m
(Connector is included for FS300 connection)

* Above specifications are achieved when the sensor(UPP-100NX3) is connected with the dedicated amplifier(FS300).
* Accuracy is not guaranteed in the range of Fz 0 to -5V.

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